Saturday, January 8, 2011

I'm feeling so totally uncreative lately (especially after spending some time on the blog of my niece / god daughter (#3), Showing up for the Muse).

So, I'm pulling some past work that I don't hate just to convince myself that there is creativity in me and I just have to try to dig down and find it .... the following was written a while ago..

The Color Wheel

The day you left, I walked to the stream behind the barn.  I followed it for miles, hypnotized by color. 

Amber sparks becoming yellow as I passed by.  Floating crimson bits revealing themselves as pink in the shadows.  Green flickering tails, speckled with gold.  The black of midnight.  The grey of dawn.  Violet prisms.  A rainbow stream.  A floating orange leaf.  Shades of blue I cannot name.

4th grade art class.  Mrs. Rogers taught us colors.  Basic primary colors.  Mix two primaries to get a secondary. Color compliments on opposite sides of the wheel.  Unmixable.

If you had asked, I would have become secondary.

It just seemed to me that it should be printed in color.

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  1. MC- CHECK OUT my friend and fellow blogger
    Some of her writing really inspires me to think differently- like yours does.
    And if you were a color I think you'd be a fugitive one because you hide, dissappearing without much warning.