Friday, January 7, 2011

Don't even have enough creativity right now to give this post a title .....

Hi, whoever's out there. 

Well, i learned two things about blogging this week.  First, you have to be in the mood and being back at work sorta took the wind out of me in terms of taking time for myself.  Second, blogging isn't like journaling as I first thought it would be.  In a private journal you can talk (write!) about specific people if you've got some venting to do ... but a blog isn't private, is it?  That's the whole point of a blog - to be public.  So much for my thinking I was finally journalling.

It's not that I have anything terrible to say about anyone, just some petty hurt feelings or things that I think someone could have handled a bit better.  But nothing severe enough to have to be shared in public. 

So, it's back to me.

Not much has happened - just getting my brain and body back into work mode. 

Oh, I guess one thing has sort of "happened."  I have booked and put down a deposit on a 14 day Alaskan cruise.  Outrageiously expensive.  For some reason I guess I expected it to be about the same as last summer's cruise.  Took me a while to realize that I have doubled the time frame (last year was a 7-day cruise) and so it makes sense that the price would be doubled, as well.  It's probably a bit irresponsible for me to spend so much, but we only go around once, right?  I loved last summer's cruise so much and fell so in love with Alaska (and my brain has a way of totally separating Alaska from Sarah Palin, thank God), that I knew I just had to go back.  Half of the trip will be repeats (Ketchican, Sitka, Juneau, etc.), but there will be about 5 new ports, most notably Kodiak.  It looks even more incredibly beautiful than the Alaska I discovered last year - plus it has Kodiak bears (that I will hopefully be able to get close up and personal with - well "safely" close up and personal).  Plus June is the tail end of whale migration and so I may finally get to see some Orca....the one whale that's been missing from my "bucket list."  And rookeries with thousands of puffin - last year I got to see one floating on the water as our expedition boat went by.

So I's excited about that - I leave for Seattle on June 9th and we sail on the 10th.

I said that I had an "I wonder" to write about - and I will, but not tonight.  I'm beat.  Got home from work about 5:30 (because of the snow, I left early) - continued working until about a half an hour ago.  It's amazing how work can fill my mind up to the point where I have nothing creative left.  That's probably why, even though I complain bitterly about it, I actually enjoy being taken over by work - it gives me an excuse not to be introspective, self-searching or creative, the things that scare me the most.

Will be back tomorrow, hopefully more in a blogging mood .... To paraphrase Stephen King, "Good night, gentle readers."

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  1. Alaska again!!!?? Wow. Wouldn't it be cool to blog while traveling through? We could all be "in your pocket", so to speak.
    As for venting against particular people, I agree you have to be careful. As with anything in writing- it can come back to haunt you.