Saturday, December 11, 2010

New Degree of "Impulse Shopping"

Hello - anyone out there? Still feels strange writing to the vast void, but also kind of fun. I do already have one "follower" and I'm curious to know how he found this, why he found it and, basically, how it all works. I don't follow any blogs other than my niece's - a brilliant artist, a gorgeous human being <- in case anyone's interested.

Anyway - impulse shopping. I admit to being an impulse buyer but it's generally relatively small items. Today, i purchased a 2009 Subaru Forrester pretty much on impulse. 48 hours ago I was content with the Forrester I have (had), a 1999 with only about 50,000 miles on it. As far as I knew, my plan was to drive it into the ground. It's fully paid for and costs very little to maintain. But the urge hit on Thursday and by 3pm today I had fully financed the new one (built in GPS and a sun roof so big it's almost like a convertible). I'm happy about the car but even happier about what's going to happen to the old one.

I have some neighbors who are salt of the earth people, with very little money. There are four of them and at this point they have half a working vehicle, on its last legs. I have been letting them borrow my car when I'm out of town (they drive me to the airport and pick me up) and when they need it for a doctor's appointment or something. The minute I knew I was approved to buy the new car I knew that I would be giving them the old one. I went next door and asked them to give me $5 and while they were puzzled and looked at me strangely they gave it to me and I said "You've just bought a car." There were tears and hugs. It was nice. It really is sort of a selfish thing to do something like that because it makes you feel so good. It's probably the best Christmas present I've ever given.

So what is it I'm wondering right about now?

I'm wondering how the Subaru salesman could have gotten what he called a "triple A" credit rating on me. I guess no one knows how much behond my means I live on a daily basis. Do they not know the embarassing number of credit cards I have? Clearly no one knows about my forays (unsuccessful forays) to Foxwoods.

I'm wondering how long it will be before I get a scratch on the new car. It's sort of like the theory I have about new parents making a point to drop the baby as soon as possible after they bring him/her home. That way they get the terror of doing it out of their system and will probably never do it again. Sort of the same thing - should I run it up against the side of the garage the first time I pull in? Ot do I just live in fear of when it happens - as we all know it will happen.

Well, I don't pick it up until Friday so we know it was stay in pristine condition at least until then.

And I wonder if I will keep it clean (no ashes or crumbs) and not use it as a spare closet. I know that is my plan, but .......

That's it for now.

Good night to whoever's out ther. Been fun talking to you.

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