Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sad News Upon My Return .....

I got word in Alaska that the blue bird eggs had hatched and that Little Boy Blue and Blue Velvet were busily feeding their five young.

Then upon my return home I got the news no one wanted to give me while I was on vacation - about five days after hatching, all five little ones were dead in their nest.

Jess, who had moved from her office into mine so that she could better keep an eye on the bird house, noticed one day that the constant back and forth activity of mom and dad had not occurred that day.  Being concerned, she went to check the next and that's when she discovered the sad fact.

Obviously, something happened to Blue Velvet.  Dad will not continue to feed without Mom ... so if something happened to her, then that's what did the littlies in.

So sad ................ it was one of the few things that made coming home okay, to be able to watch them as they came out of the nest and began their lives on the wing.  Oh, well ----- nature sucks!  We're going to try again - even though I'm not sure I want to go through this again.

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