Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My apologies ......

While I doubt that anyone to whom this apology is directed will ever read this (or the post I'm apologizing for), I feel I need to say how soorry I am for my flip "Boy, was I prepared for nothing...." comments.  After seeing the devestation that Hurricane Irene caused so many (in my state and in others), and learning that hundreds of thousands are still without power three days after the storm passed, not to mention the 30 some people who lost their lives), I realize how crass and self-centered my comments were.

I was just trying to be amusing (?) in outlining how super prepared I was and how I needn't have done any of it.

But that was just me.  Some folks as close as 15 miles away are still without power and have had flood damage done to their land and homes.

I can only hope that those that were impacted were also highly prepared and that those preparations at least somewhat eased what they went, and are still going, through.

My heart goes out to all of you - please forgive my words.


  1. Marianne......thank for the uplifting comment on my blog....If you knew my husband you would feel differently!!! LOL.
    it took me 41 years to get to this spot in life (Not my age but # of years I have been married) and it has not been an easy ride.....I think now I am getting too old and achy and painy to truly enjoy myself.....but I'm trying!!