Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snowflakes are kisses from heaven.

The title of this post is cited as "unattributed" and I think I know why ---- if he or she were named, folks around here would be seeking him/her out to give him/her some kisses of their own - baseball bat kisses, "smack in the face" kisses, "this-is-what-I-think-of-your-snowflake-kisses" kisses.

Thank you, heaven, for your kisses, but you can stop now.  I think we're just about all kissed out.  I know I am.  I used to think that it would not be possible for me to get too many kisses, but IT IS.  No more.  Please. STOP KISSING ALREADY.  Please?

Yesterday my backyard was a solid mass of 4 1/2 feet of snow.  I was no longer able to open my back door.  Cats were going stir crazy.  Birds were going hungry.  And I was feeling claustrophobic.

So, I hired someone to do what they could to get me a backyard that was somewhat functional.  He dug out the door and shoveled a 10 foot "trench."  It allowed the cats to run 10 feet forward and 10 feet back.  For about 15 minutes this morning they thought that was great.  Then, not so much.

I took half a bag of bird seed and pretty heavily sprinkled it along the trench.  Within about 20 minutes, the first chickadee and four squirrels arrived for breakfast.

I bet you can't imagine what happened. about half an hour later.........  Well, perhaps you can.

Heaven began offering up some more kisses.  Just enough little sweet baby kisses to completely cover up all the seed and give the trench a nice snowy bottom. 

I'm sorely tempted to throw out some more seed .... but so far this month I have used up about 20 pounds of bird food, with practically NONE actually being able to be eaten by any feathered (or fluffy, long-tailed) creatures.

I can't get to any of my hanging feeders -

I will have to simply resign myself to famine in the backyard and stir-crazed cats inside.  PLUS there is more coming today and then, again, on Weds or Thurs .....

How am I ever going to be able to prove my theory that there ARE at least two snowflakes that are alike, if every time I begin looking at them they are immediately covered.  There is no way that anyone will ever convince me, with the billions and billions of snow flakes that have "kissed" us all in the past month, that there aren't at least two that are alike.

Trying hard to find a silver lining and came up with the thought that at least my roof is not in danger of collapsing - I don't think!

Maya Angelou's words can usually comfort me, but this quote, while a bit unsettling, is a perfect way to end this post .....

"Nature has no mercy at all.  Nature says, "I'm going to snow.  If you have on a bikini and no snowshoes, that's tough.  I am going to snow anyway."

Stay warm and safe out there, everyone.


  1. Hi Marianne, I just catch up on all your blog entries. Good stuff. I especially liked the Patti and Robert comments. It was a time when I so wanted to be in NYC! Life was working in a different direction and I lived in PA with children. As I had my NYC experience from afar, short trips and magazines. I imagined hanging with the likes of Basquiat, but in truth, most likely, I would not have.
    Interested now in waking up every morning to a bed of hot coals rather then a house on fire. It's all good

  2. Hi Marianne.....Thank you so much for your kind words about my crazy blog...I always hope I am entertaining people...And you are friends with Dear Dan....I just love Dan...and that was how you found need to have him tell you about our little trip to Greenwich Village back in 1968....we still talk about that one..I was crazy even back then....loved this snow post and seeing your cat right in the thick of things...I didn't know cats liked snow...and I don't want to rub it in but it's going to be in the 70's here today.....stay warm!! Sue